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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 


Q: What is Hollis B Worth's relationship to Bulleit Bourbon?

A: Hollis was born "Hollis Bulleit" and the whiskey that people drink today was named for her family surname. She helped to create the brand from its inception in the late 1980's.

Q: Who did Hollis work for?

A: Hollis worked with the Bulleit Family and for their parent company, DIAGEO until 2017.

Q: Who is DIAGEO? 

A: Diageo is a global company that owns Bulleit brands and several other brands: Johnnie Walker, Kettle One, Captain Morgan, Smirnoff, Crown Royal, among many others including stake in Moet Hennessy. 

Q: Who is Tom Bulleit (Thomas Ewing Bulleit Jr.)? 

A: Tom Bulleit negotiated a deal with Seagrams to use his last name on a whiskey. Later, the company was acquired by DIAGEO. To see more here is his affidavit . He is Hollis Bulleit's biological father, who emotionally, physically, and sexually abused her for decades. 

Q: Did Hollis get a payout?

A: To date, Hollis has received less than 2% of what she earned. 

Q: So what happened between Hollis and DIAGEO and the Bulleit family?

A: In Hollis' opinion she endured an abusive and hostile work environment, bullying contracts, and was pushed out of the company for being queer. Thus far the situation has not been resolved. 

Q: Does Hollis continue to benefit from sales of the Bulleit Brand? 

A: No. The royalty, funds, and bonuses have been withheld from Hollis by Tom Bulleit and Diageo. 

Q: I want to go down a rabbit hole, How can I do this?

A: Here is a longer version of the Extended FAQ, and supporting evidence from The NeatPour Article published in 2019. 


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