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I have been making art since I was a kid. I graduated with a BA from Smith College with a major in Fine Arts and a minor in Women's Studies in 1996. I have two post-baccalaureate degrees from Marchutz in Aix-en-Provence France and Brandeis College in MA. I earned my Masters from New York University in 2005. Diageo continues to steal from my ideas and inspirations. 

"Coming Out"

"Coming Out": Performance installation of Henri Rousseau's "The Dream" 2007. Completely hand painted by Hollis including body paint, without the help of a projector. Photograph by Don Penny

Backwards Bulleit

"Backwards Bulleit": 1st Ed Bulleit Linocut, limited edition(s) given as gifts beginning in the fall of 2008.

Bulleit 10 Year commemorative print

Bulleit 10 Year commemorative linocut print: Limited Edition in honor of the Bulleit 10 year release

Bulleit Groundbreaking Linocut

"Bulleit Groundbreaking" 2014. Limited Edition hand cut/ hand rolled by Hollis and given as gifts at the Bulleit Distillery Groundbreaking ceremony

Rocky's Rebellion bottles

"Rocky's Rebellion" bottles: Handpainted Star Wars Bots bottles for a friend early spring of 2016.

Derby Run Bottles

Derby Run Bottles: Sample of my repeat work given as gift for the LA Big Bar Derby prizes 2013

DWC Finalist Gifts

DWC Finalist Gifts: Miami Florida Diageo World Class Event, fall of 2016, limited edition

Halloween 2016 Bottle

Halloween 2016 Bottle: Holiday Bottle Edition of one

I am Robot Mary

"I am Robot Mary" Metropolis Performance Installation: Inspired by Fritz Lang's movie. 2004, Photograph by Helena Wurzel

Robot Mary Entering the Room

Robot Mary Entering the Room: Close up of my metropolis mural and body painting. Photograph by Helena Wurzel

Ode to Fae

"Ode to Fae": Spring 2016, Edition of one for my dear friend.

Bitter and Twisted Bottle

Bitter and Twisted Bottle: An example of one of the hundreds of bottles I painted on behalf of accounts as gifts beginning as early as 2012-2013.

Full Derby Run LA 2013

Full Derby Run LA 2013: Several in a row, there you go...

Arc de Triomphe

"Arc de Triomphe": Close Up of my Multi Media Mural 2003, about overcoming trauma

Arc de Triomphe Mural

"Arc de Triomphe" full Mural: 2003, Dealing with issue of perseverance and overcoming Trauma

Bulleit Baller Dunny

"Bulleit Baller" Dunny: Edition of one 2010

Sendak Attack

"Sendak Attack": Performance Installation inspired by "Where the Wild Things Are" 2005, photograph by Joanna Foster

Sendak Attack Close Up

"Sendak Attack" Close Up: Mural and body painting by Hollis, photograph by Joanna Foster

The Blue Dog and Me

"The Blue Dog and Me": Performance installation painting and body painting by Hollis inspired by George Rodrigue's Blue Dog 2005, photograph by Joanna Foster.


"Behive": Oil painting mural 2004, processing overcoming trauma

Eiffel Tower

"Eiffel Tower": Mixed Media Mural processing overcoming trauma 2003

The Last Kiss

"The Last Kiss": Performance Installation inspired by Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss." 2006. Photograph by Joanna Foster

Swimming in Hockney

"Swimming in Hockney": Mural and body painting inspired by David Hockney's "A Bigger Splash" 2005. Photograph by Fatima Jawaid

All American Katz

"All American Katz": Performance installation with body painting by Hollis inspired by Alex Katz's "The Green Cap". Photograph by Joanna Foster

Hollis in Action

Hollis in Action: Photograph by my wife, Cher Worth 2007

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