Announcing Partners Cher L Worth and Hollis B Worth

In with the new possibilities built on a foundation of mature experience - if it isn't broken do not fix it! Therefore, we offer similar services as performed for over the past decade: holistic consulting, creative promotional services, quality education, and spirited entertainment. 

We are interested in mutually beneficial partnerships and co-branding opportunities; including and beyond liquor representation & consulting, speaking opportunities, television, etc. We are now accepting proposals. Financially independent ventures that are beyond the idea stage accompanied by letters of intent, mission statements, and contact information can be submitted to us through the form on this website's contact page. 

***Hollis is no longer affiliated with Diageo or "Bulleit". She is not bound by any conflicting contracts at this moment (non-compete, etc.). She owns her likeness and image, the rights to her story, and either owns or is in the process of obtaining the appropriate trademarks to her brand. 

Photo: Cher & Hollis at the LIFE CAFE in NYC Lower East Side 2007

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