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Part of the deal of my participation and employment by the Bulleit Distilling Co, and then later with Diageo was to receive royalty payments based on sales of the brand. After 2010, Tom Bulleit (my father) told me that he went to Diageo and negotiated a royalty deal "for the family" making it harder for me to get access to my portion of the royalty directly. Both the Bulleit Family and Diageo have twisted what I have said to the press, minimizing my decades of work for the company(s) and twisting what would be a fair ask for my portion of the royalty I earned until 2016. Two Bulleits, myself and Tom worked for Diageo; I felt it fair to ask for less than half of what was earned during the time that I worked for the company (not for the royalties after I stopped working for Diageo). Thus, I asked for $10 million during the time period that he made over $25 million (after this period we estimate the family royalty has continued to make at least $5 million per year). Below are two attorneys' letters; one with my plea for promises to be kept, and the other the punitive response from Tom's attorneys where Tom ropes in, yet again, Diageo to threaten me and basically sue me on his behalf. 

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