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My life has been a whirlwind of joy and pain. I have worn many hats literally and figuratively: from fascinators to top hats, as a multi-media artist, as a brand builder, an entertainer, an educator, a whiskey icon, an LGBTQ2IA+ & equal rights activist, and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. 


I have been making art since I could hold a crayon. In my early teens, I helped to create and build a whiskey brand that became a global phenomenon. Solidifying during my days at Smith College and ever since, I have been an out and informed feminist. I have been an advocate for LGBTQ2IA+ rights and the validity of my relationship for several years now. And this year I am discussing the sexual trauma and domestic abuse that I suffered in the workplace at Diageo and from Tom Bulleit to help enact change within the liquor industry and as a whole.  


I began to go public with my story in June of 2017, by discussing my experience with homophobia in the workplace and from the Bulleit family on my social media; which was removed in January of 2018 as per a "resolution agreement" with Diageo (the parent company of Bulleit). I hoped to go on with my life and my projects. In the fall of 2018 I married my long time partner Cher in a small ceremony at our attorney's office. Soon after we had our last names legally changed to Worth. 


I heard over the course of years that Diageo and Tom Bulleit had broken the resolution agreement. We believe we have legitimate cases for extortion, disparagement, erasure, lost wages, and infringement on my right to publicity. It became apparent to me that for any real lasting resolution between all the parties that I would need to speak out about my experiences publicly again. Thus, in June of 2019 for Pride Month, I began posting again more specifically about my experiences with homophobia, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. 


In July 2019, I gave my first interview and supplied evidence to NeatPour.com. In August 2019, I publicly came out as a sexual abuse survivor of the pedophile Tom Bulleit. In September 2019, Cher and I joined up with the girls of the Spirit of Rock Podcast Network for "Tea Time with Hollis & Cher." Where we discuss the issues above in detail with a focus on advocacy for the liquor industry as a whole. 

To date, Diageo still pays Tom Bulleit to represent the brand. Ironically my father is an alcoholic who has not had a drink since 1993; thus he has not tasted the Bulleit Rye, Bulleit Bourbon 10 year, Bulleit Rye 12 year, Bulleit Cask Strength, or any experimental or single barrel expressions of the brand. He also cannot attest to the consistency of Bulleit Bourbon. It would appear that my father and Diageo think that I am worth less than 2%, along with the consumers' intellect and tastebuds. 


Since August 2019, Diageo and Tom Bulleit have actively blamed and shamed me to the press, but have refused to contact my attorney in hopes of a permanent resolution. They have broken the law and violated HIPPA by sharing documents involving a minor. Diageo is actively funding character assassination. 


In December 2019, Cher and I will have suffered three years of antagonism exacerbating my C-PTSD. It is time to stop Diageo from enabling my abuser and call out Tom Bulleit on his life of abuse, bullying, and lies. My life story is about the systematic abuse that is condoned by communities and large corporations that allow women, LGBTQ2IA+, victims, survivors, and thrivers like me to be oppressed so that a profit can be made. #istandwithhollis: Share my story and sign my petition on change.org.

This is a growing and complex story that has spanned decades; therefore I am introducing a new tab on my website that simply answers frequently asked questions with direct links to more in depth explanations. I periodically post on my facebook and tumblr and update the story and my experiences. We have also created MEMES to share for operation #repost.


We are looking for a publicist. Please contact us if you are interested or if you have any recommendations.

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