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This is the true story of a woman who wanted to live out and proud and was silenced by a global company and her own family. She has been erased from the brand history. She has been blamed and shamed in the media. So this isn't a unique story... it is just mine. 

My website's purpose is to hold a place where the truth can by accessed. My story spans decades, thus my career history is on the Icon page, while questions about my ongoing fight with Diageo and the Bulleit family are answered simply on the FAQ page.  Evidence about the strained relationship and stolen royalty can be found on the Royalty page. I believe that my story about the hostile work environment was covered best by the NeatPour article to whom I supplied evidentiary documentation and recordings. The local newspaper in Kentucky wrote an interesting piece speaking out on my behalf, LGBTQ2IA+ rights, and Diageo's dismissiveness to the cause: Leo Weekly: Bulleit Bites the DustBoth Tom & Betsy Bulleit and Diageo have willfully misled and lied to public and the press: Tom Bulleit's affidavit tells a different story. I discuss in detail on my Facebook and the Abuse page when I was sexually assaulted and bitten in the face while working for Diageo and emotionally, physically, and sexually assaulted by my father, Tom Bulleit. Both parties continue to breach my right to publicity by continuing to pilfer ideas from my art career which I also talk about in my MEMES. 

The story of my past career is about the systematic abuse that is condoned by communities and large corporations that allow women, LGBTQ2IA+, victims, survivors, and thrivers like me to be oppressed so that a profit can be made. If you want to help you can make informed choices about who you support with your words and your money, and you can sign my petition on

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