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Hollis B Official is the official website of Hollis B Worth (formerly Hollis Bulleit™)


I am a warrior. Prior to this year I was best known as an icon in the whiskey industry. I was the artistic and quirky daughter who partnered, created, and grew Bulleit whiskey into a global brand. Yet, as of June of 2019, I am better known as a whiskey whistleblower who has dared to stand against atrocities in the liquor industry. 

Before, during, and after being squeezed out of the business by my family and former employers - I was abused and bullied to the point that it adversely affected my physical and mental health. Diageo, the parent company of Bulleit whiskey, and the Bulleit family have consistently acted immorally and broken legal contracts for several years now. They have threatened SLAPP scenarios when I have dared to speak out. It is the legal opinion that we have legitimate legal cases for extortion, disparagement, erasure, lost wages, and infringement on my right to publicity. 


For Pride Month 2019, I decided that it was time to fight back. I began publicly speaking about my experiences with homophobia, domestic violence, workplace assault, misogyny, and sexual abuse. The press has given opinions on my story, but I believe that it was best covered by to whom I supplied evidentiary documentation and recordings.


My father, Tom Bulleit, is pedophile, alcoholic, and violent abuser. Based on years of personal experience, he is also homophobic. We are aware that Diageo knows this; yet they have continued to back Tom Bulleit, his legacy, and pay him to represent the brand. Diageo and Tom Bulleit have teamed up to blame and shame me to the public. Neither party has expressed any intention or made any action to rectify their behavior or permanently resolve the issue with me. Both Tom & Betsy Bulleit and Diageo have willfully misled and lied to public and the press please see the affidavit tabThey have also broken the law and will continue to do so. For example, when both parties violated HIPPA and shared documents involving a minor to the public as an attempt to prove that I was not sexually abused. 


Diageo is actively funding character assassination and strategically re-victimizing the victim. They are trying to bury my story under acts supposed good samaritanism, they are funding media to slander me, instructing employees to disparage me or act like nothing is happening, and bullying people with threats of loss of jobs. 


My wife, Cher, and I have suffered three years of antagonism which we do not expect to end anytime soon. While this grueling and unfair situation has exacerbated my C-PTSD, I will not stop fighting for my rights and reclaiming my worth. My life story is about the systematic abuse that is condoned by communities and large corporations that allow women, LGBTQ2IA+, victims, survivors, and thrivers like me to be oppressed so that a profit can be made.

My story spans decades, thus simple answers are available on the FAQ page with links to in depth explanations. I periodically post on my facebook and tumblr. I have also created MEMES to share. I need your help and continued support: please share my story and sign my petition on

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